Smart Analyzer

Smart Analyzer - Predict and Cache Webpages based on Usage
This work was done as a Major Project (Capstone Project) at SVITS, Indore.

The problem of construction of an efficient user interface for analyzing data flow on a proxy server is addressed in this work. We developed a system for managing the proxy server like SQUID on Linux based operating systems. Smarter Log Analyzer provides a simple and reliable way of analyzing the log files by using a graphical user interface which is easy to handle and operate. The system also allows intelligent caching of webpages based on historical patterns of webpage accesses. This is achieved using Apriori algorithm, which uses the current webpages being accessed to analyze which webpages are historically correlated with the current webpages and cache them apriori. This improves the browsing speed during peak hours.




The flowchart showing Smart Analyzer's interaction with the proxy server.