Distributed Speech Engine

Distributed Speech Recognition Engine for Controlling Multiple Robots

Interaction with a robot has been an active area of research since the inception of robotics. Talking to a robot has always been considered the most natural way to communicate with it. But it is not always possible to have a full-fledged, standalone speech processing engine to be present on a robot or on a single machine. A dedicated system to convert the commands from audio to text is needed. However, as the number of commands and robots increases, it becomes necessary to eliminate all the single-point failure points in the system. Thus, distributed speech engine comes into picture. Also users may want to talk to the robot in different languages. The approach proposed in this paper is distributed, fault tolerant and scalable, such that any new recognition algorithm or language support can be added and used without any changes to the existing system. The work has been demonstrated on a freely available mobile agents based Internet of Things platform. However, any platform can be used.