Mobile Robotics with IoT

Analysing how Mobile Agents/Robots might interact in Environments with IoT
This work was done at Robotics Lab, IIT Guwahati.

Modern-day devices like smart-phones, tablets, televisions etc. possess very powerful processors and huge storage capacities compared to what were available a few years ago. Most of these devices are also connected to the Internet. However, the full capabilities of these devices are not fully harnessed and thus, they are not as intelligent as they could be. These devices, together with the Internet, can be used as “Internet of Things” where each device can be both producer and consumer of information. This framework is realizable in a real dynamic system if there is an intelligent distributed layer above it which can cater to services of all heterogeneous devices as required. The existing solutions to this problem are either too hardware dependent, or too abstract. In this paper we present a concept of this layer using mobile agents which makes the system flexible and dynamically adaptable. This layer has been deployed using a publicly available Prolog-based mobile agent emulator (however, any other mobile agent framework can also be used). The proposed approach is capable of updating information like availability and usability of services dynamically. It also has speech processing modules to provide solutions using voice-based commands and prompts. The prototype is scalable and robust to partial network failures. The implementation details and performance analysis of this work are reported and discussed. This framework can be used to deploy systems which can enable people to search for services like health facilities, food services, transportation, law and order using a common interface including voice commands.